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Our team have over 20 years of experience applying technology to welfare work and employability. With a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in W2W we have used automation and technology to help win bids, increase outcomes and referrals, improve onboarding and reduce DNAs, improve audits and increase employee morale and effectiveness by taking away low value admin. 

AI without the hype  

Some of the most effective applications of AI have been around for more than a decade and are tried and tested as well as affordable. Case studies include  

  • Using marketing automation to improve referrals and onboarding experience to reduce DNAs and improve customer experience  
  • Using automation to reduce the administrative burden on advisors and give back time to frontline support  
  • Improving audits by creating automated reading of case management files to alert advisors to gaps  
  • Encouraging the use of self-serve platforms by sending personalised nudges to participants to improve their progress  
  • Building predictive models using existing data to provide operational insights such as how to increase outcomes using different interventions  

AI in Further Education

Rule of 7 can evaluate and assess the use of various technologies to improve performance and outcomes with a unique understanding of the industry.  We can build teams, support with our own technical capability as well as helping project manage vendors. 

  • Robotic process automation  
  • Data and predictive analytics  
  • Supporting the usage of self-serve platforms  
  • Automating participant communications  
  • Vendor assessment  
  • Bid support 

Our philosophy with technology is to focus on outputs and value.  The current dialogue around artificial intelligence is hugely exciting but represents a challenge of cost over value.  Read more about our approach to AI here