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Training Providers and Employability

Marketing and communications in an adult education and employability context is unique in its challenge.  Typical marketing rules and principles do not necessarily apply and the value of marketing technology is better placed once people are on programme rather than attracting them to it.  And with tight budgets explaining these nuances to an agency more typically used to marketing consumers can be challenging. 

Our team bring years of experience operating in these fields and has examples and case studies of where it can work well to help navigate through the landscape of different marketing techniques and approaches. Each client needs a different approach but typically these can include 

Phase 1 – Discovery

We will work with you to understand your current assets, technical architecture, membership base and proposition.  We will use data to assess overall potential of your membership base and set a plan.  The plan will estimate the spend you will need to achieve your aims and ensure that key propositions are managed.  We will put the customer at the centre of your thinking and ensure this is fed back into your proposition.   

We will understand your current marketing strengths and assets and analyse what you need to take you to the next level.  This can be the start of a roadmap but we will largely be focused on the actions that will create the quickest  wins to create momentum not high risk whole scale changes that are untried and untested.   

We will present back with practical actions that you can chose to implement yourself or move forward and help us implement and manage the change.  We will also recommend where to start and pinpoint the key actions you need to start with that will give you the maximum  

Phase 2 – The Hack

During an intense period of development, we will implement the initial phase of the plan.  This could be a new advertising campaign or testing a number of propositions or simply reprioritising some of your existing offerings.  

At the end of the hack, you will have an automated campaign that will develop and test new ways to generate leads and attract new members.  It will be automated, track progress and report against agreed metrics.  You will have a live dashboard you can use to monitor progress.  

Phase 3 – Optimise and Scale

Fortnightly calls with your marketing team will set a routine of success that focuses on optimising the initial campaign and continuous improvement.  Optimisation applied relentlessly yields more results than any other part of our support.  Once the initial campaign is up constantly improving every touch point can turn a mediocre campaign into a game-changing campaign.  Once the data tells us we have a winning campaign we scale, expanding out to different channels, propositions, and services and repeating the formula.  

We start to add more channels to increase the size of the funnel. 

We can increase budgets to maximise existing channels .

We can increase content and explore different propositions .  

We continue to optimise, optimise, optimise having regular meetings to review progress against metrics, expanding what’s working and cutting what doesn’t.