How can I implement marketing automation

There are certain things to get right before you implement marketing automation. Doing these things first helps speed up implementation and saves money. It can also be a useful way to engage stakeholders. Content - content is most people’s challenge. Even if you have lots of it, you may not have the right sort for nurturing. Initially marketing automation is a content hungry beast, but overtime it helps your content be used much more efficiently. Data - needs to be clean and from prospects that have opted in. All the major marketing automation platforms are very strict about data imported and can suspend accounts if you get too many spam complaints. Integration plan – Your marketing automation should work hand in hand with your CRM system and the most popular platforms are supported with native plug-ins. If not you need to plan around this and think about API integrations. Analytics architecture – one of the most critical values of marketing automation is having a clear view of the return on investment of your marketing spend. This is not plug and play and some thought and planning needs to be given to how you are going to structure your campaigns and digital marketing to ensure you get the right information. Implementation- experts in this area estimate it can take an organisation 6 to 8 months to implement marketing automation and get it working efectively. we can help you reduce that time to 4 weeks. the less months you spend implementing the software the quicker you get value from it. Segmentation and personalisation - This evolves over time and can get more and more sophisticated. For some contexts it is also better to develop this later. As segmentation can be based on prospect behavior and not traditional concepts of segmentation, it can take a while to build the data to be able to do this. But this iterative process needs to started, and can be accelerated, by having a vision of what this might look like. Having experience on side here to guide you with this process can save a lot of time. Lead generation -To make the most out of marketing automation you need to have a fresh source of incoming leads. It is impossible to separate out your digital marketing strategy from your marketing automation and where you get the value from this is adding, automating and optimising new channels. Ensuring your lead generation strategy is enhanced by this is all part of the service. Optimisation – Once your shiny new platform is operational, you need to set a plan for optimisation with constant A/B testing, new ideas and a strategy to open up new channels. Maintaining the momentum with a constant flow of ideas can be easier with a little bit of outside help. We can help with a mix of services to match you in-house capabilities. We can, but don’t need to do it all and are happy to work out a plan to maximize speed of implementation with preservation of budgets. Call us on 0203 695 7007 or fill in the form below