How does marketing automation add value?

More sales, less cost, better engagement of customers, and more transparency over what channels are working and what channels are not. But don’t believe the hype, this takes time to build and different organisations in different contexts will use it in different ways. Asking the question “How will it add value” is the best place to start and the only place we start. We call it a Fact Find and give you a thorough assessment of what you should expect from implementing marketing automation warts and all. Lead nurture generates more leads – On average customers need 7 decent touch points before they buy from you. Or put another way, your sales and marketing process needs to match their buying process. This is really hard to do and without automation…. expensive. Marketing automation allows you to create drip campaigns which increases leads coming into the organisation, in some cases, quite dramatically. Most prospects will not buy straight away, they will research, talk, think. If you can be part of that process by sending them timely emails with content that helps them make a decision, the more likely they will engage with you later on. Lead scoring increases sales conversions – marketing automation software tracks the behavior of prospects and tracks what they are interested in. You can give higher scores to people who for example look at the pricing page and terms and conditions. Instead at looking at 1000 of leads and potential prospects you can focus in on the 5 people that day who look the most engaged. Reaching out to these people in this way is rarely a waste of time. Automation – A lot of people running businesses get very excited by the vision of having a marketing system that automatically manages key communication and messages, and nurtures prospects in a way that is virtually impossible with existing resources. The prospect signs up for a bit of content, gets sent relevant information; the emails slow down if they don’t click on things but speeds up if they do. It will even send them more relevant emails if they show interest in a particular area or for a particular product. To have this happening automatically for each and every customer is, for a lot of organisations, a very exciting prospect! Greater control over your marketing spend One of the most important things your marketing automation should be doing for you is key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you manage your spend across different channels according the ROI they give you. Marketing automation can create a clear, simple table or funnel of all your channels, what they cost you and the return they are giving you, collated in real time. It is no coincidence that the organisations that have this clear visibility of their marketing channels tend to be very good marketers. Create campaigns in-house quickly - once a system is set up and templates are designed, you don’t have to be a designer to create a new campaign with new emails and new landing pages. New campaigns can be created quickly by us less-creative types. Retention - keep customers for longer, cross sell and up sell – Often overlooked, marketing automation is a great once you have customers. Information and advice, support, up sell and cross sell are just some of the opportunities that marketing automation can be used for. Remember most of our sales opportunities tend to lie with our existing customer base rather than pastures new. Integration Most of the popular crm systems are supported with native integrations allowing data to sync and key information can be viewed directly within a CRM so sales people don’t have to ... A/B testing and data The road to marketing excellence is a 1000 A/B tests. If you optimise every step of your marketing and fine tune it for marketing excellence then you are on the road to marketing nirvana. Marketing automation makes this much easier, automated and simpler. If one A/B takes 2 minutes to set up instead of 2 hours, think how much quicker those thousand steps will go? Our process starts with a fact find to help you understand the value you will, and won’t, get form marketing automation based on your context and your marketing strategy. You should only commit to marketing automation if you understand Call 0203 695 7007 or email or fill in the form below.