Rule of 7 - Game Changing Marketing Automation

We love helping people implement and run marketing automation. From start to finish we can advise on software, support on implementation and optimise to get the best out of your new investment. Think agency built around the new technology of tomorrow with an eye on how it works technically and strategically. We get the people as much as the techy bit and know how to focus on both to achieve results.

How can marketing automation lower risk?

Marketing automation is just clever software, which if implemented and managed in the right way can save you time and money - automating your marketing and ensuring the right person, gets the right message, at the right time. More relevance means more engagement.  More engagement means more sales.  And the really exciting thing is it can be used as a framework, to manage the risk of your marketing spend by ….

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How does marketing automation add value?

More sales, less cost, better engagement of customers, and more transparency over what channels are working and what channels are not. But don’t believe the hype…

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How can I implement marketing automation

There are certain things to get right before you implement marketing automation. Doing these things first helps speed up implementation and
saves money...

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How much
will it cost?

Software ranges from a few hundred a month to 1000’s a month. Implementation starts from about £1000 and largely depends on what you need, but let’s cut to the chase...

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Why are we different

We believe the new opportunity is being able to manage the risk of your marketing investment. Offline and online because spend is becoming ever more accountable, and A/B testing gives you a more scientific approach to your marketing, small incremental investments in new channels is the way forward. Don’t spend 10,000 on a new channel without knowing what it can do. Spend £100, optimise, get it right ...then crank up the investment. It’s not about fail fast, it’s about learning fast. Marketing Automation allows you to do this it starts to tame the web and all its opportunities giving you a systematic process to succeed.